He Came Back For Me


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Could the Lost Years be Restored? Five words changed everything for Andrea. Born in Germany to a 17-year-old unwed mother, 42 years would pass before Andrea learned the secret that her mother withheld her entire life. Those words would lead her to search for the father she never knew.

Andrea’s fascinating story will take you from the ruins of postwar Europe to prosperity in America to the heartbreak of alcoholism and poverty, and finally, to salvation and restoration. Through her journey you will see how God used what seemed like random events of Andrea’s life to weave a beautiful tapestry that resulted in forgiveness, reconciliation, the transformation of a dysfunctional family, and the reunion of a lifetime.

“I am reminded how God is able to use our fragile and broken lives to fulfill His purposes. It’s exciting to know that miracle stories are not just written in the Bible, but are lived out by brothers and sisters seeking to live a faithful life despite painful circumstances. This is a remarkable true tale of love, laughs, forgiveness, and ultimately, redemption.” Phil Ayres Lead Pastor, LifePoint Christian Church

“He Came Back for Me is a heartwarming true story with spiritual symbolism just beneath the surface. This deeply moving saga provides a window into Andrea’s heart and soul. Through reading her story, you may find yourself seeking truths in your own life, and being transformed by them!” Laurie Wren, LCSW Founder and Director, Reveille Ministry, Inc.